Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

My home is the best when I’m down. I go home to get back up. When I’m sad my parents are there for me, and when I’m lonely my friends are there for me. All in all my family and my friends are the heart of my home, and to some people the home is just four walls and a roof but to me it’s where I live and have a family, and a roof over my head. My mom loves me and puts me to bed and helps me wake up in the morning. She works a lot to put food on the table. My dad encourages me to be the best I can. He works from the morning until the afternoon. When he is done and comes home I can give him a big hug. My sister plays games with me and we argue a bit. But we are still brother and sister and we live in the same house right now. My friends play video games because they can’t come over, because of covid-19, but they still cheer me up over the phone. My home has so much love, and a big journey ahead of us.