Grade 5

Bell island
Newfoundland and Labrador

What Home Means to Me

What does home mean to me? Well home means a lot to me because whenever I am home I feel safe and cared for I love my home I have lots of memories in my house. Like that time when the lights went out and it was really really dark and we didn’t have a generator. That night it was getting really cold. We went into the living room then out of nowhere something popped up at me. It was my cousin Wayne and my aunt Lisa was in on it too. I am going to tell you another story that happened in my house. It was our movie night so you no we had to have some food. The first thing we made was popcorn then we ordered the pizza special. The most favorite part of the house is my bedroom. The reason why my bedroom is my favorite part of the house is I have everything I need in my room and I got Netflix on my Nintendo wii.I
love where I Love because it is so so comfortable and warm when it is time to eat it is always a big meal I am always stuffed and then we would have desert one thing i don’t like about the house is that my brother is always there and he gets on my nerves cause whenever try to go to sleep he makes monkey noises or he would put on the tv on blast or he would kick up on the bed and make me go flying and last time he did it I I
I almost fell off the bed and I got mad and told him to stop then he just keeps on doing it so then I
tell my aunt and then he stops.