Grade 5


What home means to me!

Home means walking home from school with my amazing friends and seeing my neighbours. When I enter the
The hallway that leads to my door in my building while I get closer to my door I can smell my mom’s cooking.I
Think it’s my favourite homemade food Pasta with tomato sauce! I go home and see My wonderful mom she always works hours to support our family. I come inside and hug her! I love her so much She is one of the people I need to feel like I’m home. Next, I see my annoying brother but sometimes he is helpful but he is also a person I need to feel like I’m home. I eat my pasta and then I go to the other room to see my dad
I ask him how his day was he said it was good He is also a person I need to feel I’m home Because of working for hours like our mom! So I need my family
To feel like I’m home and Friends. Next, I also need a
School to help with my education without it I wouldn’t
Be a lot successful. That’s all I need to feel like I’m home!