Grade 5

Portage la Prairie

What Home Means to Me

Every day at home is a good day because I feel protected. My home is a place that I can relax. It is a cozy place. My house is also a loud crazy place, but that will always feel like home to me. Some days my house is quiet and peaceful. Every morning my Mom and my dog Charlie wake me up and sometimes my dog steals my stuffies, but he doesn’t wreck them. My Mom cuddles me in my bed. I love my mom. Before bed every night my Mom prays for me. Sometimes me and my mom and dad go in our hot tub. I love spending time with my family. I have these toys called calico critters and I play with them every day when I play with them I pretend I am them. I love playing with them. Sometimes I help my mom make dessert. Me and my sister sometimes make supper. I love spending time with my sisters. Me and my sister sometimes play together. I like playing with my sisters. My house is full of love and laughter. I love my house. This is what my house means to me.