Grade 6

Portugal Cove-St. Philip's
Newfoundland and Labrador

What Home Means to Me

Home. One word right? If you look at it yes, but home
can mean way more than just a word or a house on land. Its the community, friends, family and much more that make up the noun home. Its the emotion. The feelings and familiar surroundings that fill the word home. That when anyone speaks of the word home there is warmth and strength that surround you and you know what they are talking about. It makes you feel happy and then you wonder what do home mean to me? Well, I can tell you how I feel in my home. How my community makes up my home and how a home isn’t always one place.

There are many words on how I can describe my home. The only thing is the change and switch all the time depending on how I feel or the vibe in the house and community that day. Even though some days are rough there is always a feel of love and acceptance for who you are and no matter what happens. Even on certain days, there is a second, minute or hour of anger, sadness or a putrid sense of hate. But that’s love and love belongs in the word home. On some days I could be sad or fine. Other times I could be angry or frustrated. Really most of the time I´m chill or happy for different reasons. There is always comfort and confidence in my home because no one is judging or staring at anyone based on their personality or looks. But all I know is that there is a lot of joy in my home.

In my community, it feels like a friendly surrounding that there is support and a knowing that I’m safe. For me, my community is like one big family. We all have each other’s backs and help each other out all the time. I mean I could just walk through their door and they would treat me like I am their family! How great is that! As I am very thankful for this community and hopefully I will be able to stay as long as it feels like home.

It’s not always the one place, one community, or one house that makes me feel like home. 3 hours from my home there is a little summer home in a tiny town where my parents grew up. As it is a small place compared to where I grew up. It feels secure, safe and really comfy. You can walk really, anywhere! And you would never get lost. Most of my family is out there too which makes it very much like home. When you walk outside you can smell the fresh ocean air traveling in the wind. A lot of the time in the winter and fall there is mostly fog, but in the summer the sun shines through the window as if it would say “wake up!” in the mornings. Not only do I like waking to the sun, I also like waking up to birds chirping or the fog horn shouting in the distance for the boats on dreary days.

Now you know how my home feels to me. Whether you live in a trailer, an apartment, a shelter, or a house. That 4 letter word means a lot to every single person in this world. Like I was saying in the first paragraph the word home is so powerful. Well, there is so many meanings and strength attached to the word home. That it cannot be defeated or destroyed with one single touch. I hope everyone has a home just like mine. Because everyone deserves a home.