Grade 5


What Home Means To Me!

Home means different things to different people. For me, home is a safe and peaceful place with family. It’s the place I’m at when I’m sick, but also the place where I feel most happy. Home is the best place to be, spring, summer, fall or winter. Home is most important to me.

Home is a peaceful place. It’s where I feel calm and relaxed. I like to invite my friends over for sleepovers or play-dates. At home, there’s no stress about anything, just a place to be myself! At home, I can do anything. Home is a place to have fun and learn new things. No one can judge me and I´m always welcome.

Home is a safe place to stay. It’s the best place to be on cold, rainy nights. It makes me feel alright to sit by the fireplace. No matter how many places I go to, home will always feel the most special. It makes me feel sad that some people don’t have a warm and cozy home to stay in for the night.

At home, I’m surrounded by family. My mom and dad cheer me up when I’m sad. At home, I can reflect on my actions and feelings. Home is where I make happy memories and learn from my mistakes. It’s where everyone is equal, no matter where you’re from. You’re appreciated for who you are and for what you do.

In my home, I’m with people who love me. At home, I can watch scary movies and make-up funny stories with my friends. Everyone deserves to have a home, a place where they should feel loved and respected. Come on, let’s help and make things right. Every donation means a brighter future for a family. Home is something I love and I’ll never forget. 😁