Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador

What home means to me

I´m so thankful that i have a home.There is a lot of people that have no home,no food,not even a place to shower.my home means a lot to me and i wish everybody lived in one so they can live normally.If we can help out other people and donate to the poor the world would be a way better place. what home really means to me is that you have a family and you have people that feed you supper and you have nice warm water to shower,you have comfy beds.If you take the people in Africa for example they only have a grass made house and only a tiny bit of food and water.We can just walk to our kitchen and turn on the tap to get water and some people in Africa and other places need to walk a couple miles to get dirty water.I´m just so grateful i have a home and i hope everybody else is grateful that they have a home to.