Grade 6


What Home Means To Me

What home mean to me is that it’s a happy place for you to have fun with your family and stay warm and stay loved with all the people around you and have fun and share giggles. Every day I walk into my door all I see is love and happiness and joy and it’s a safe place for you and even sometimes there is some fights but after its salved we always have fun. To me my family is like my best friend and there just always by my side and helping me with whatever I need help for. I love that I even have a bed and pillows and a blanket so that I’m warm and my home is where I love to be. I would hope that we can help the people who don’t have homes because we all need homes we all need somewhere to stay healthy and clean and feel like its home because its not fun for homeless people sitting outside in the freezing cold or in the hot summers being outside all day trying to get money for there family or food and whatever they need so why can’t we just all have home so no ones left outside. We all deserve home for shelter and for there health and for there living.