Grade 6

Portugal cove, St. Philips
Newfoundland and Labrador

What Home Means to Me

A home isn’t just wood and bricks. A home doesn’t have to be a mansion or a palace. A home is simply a place to come to after a hard day and be comforted in your family’s arms. A place to feel warm and welcomed. A home is a place that hundreds do not have.

My home to me is a very important place, a place where I have my space. After enjoying the day’s events, I long to go home and rest. I have family and friends to love and laugh around, even pets to play and snuggle with. I like to play music and play games with my friends and my family. Knowing that some people do not have a home or even a family can be heartbreaking to those who do have these things to love.

Hundreds maybe even thousands of people in canada alone have no homes, no money and no jobs. It breaks my heart to see people on the streets watching people walk by with their family and friends, paying no attention to them, and not seeing a penny after a day of begging for food and money. A lot of these people are suffering from mental illness and also physical injuries that they need serious medical attention for. Not many have the heart to give these people what they need.

For every cruel and heartless person, there’s always someone ready to give these people what they need. Though it isn’t all too common, many help the poor and needy of the world. I’ve seen people hide money in food and give it to those in need then put it online in hope of spreading an inspirational message to help the homeless. Unfortunately some trick these people just to be horrible while others pretend to be in need then take the money and use it for other things. Though a few people may try to scam us, there are even more who are actually in need of homes, money and jobs, so giving these people what they need will help them get back on their feet.

A home isn’t just windows and doors. A home doesn’t have to be a million dollars to be special. A home is a place where people are loved and feel safe. No matter what people have done or been through, everyone deserves a home.