Grade 4

Nova Scotia

What Home Means to Me

Home is a place I can go to feel safe and protected.
But when I go to my room when I feel Frustrated, mad or angry I always remember I am always loved and Appreciated. My house is a big blue house with a u-shaped driveway with a blue garage that has a big light on top. There is a basketball net and soccer net. I have a big gray cabin and a light blue lake with lots of fish in it. Everyday me and my brother walk from school to the house and when he unlocks it I know I’m home because one of my cats runs out the door to greet me. I go in, take off my shoes, empty my bag, wash my hands. The water feels cold but it feels nice. After i’m done I turn on my xbox, get my controller, plug in my headphones, turn on my tv, and play video games. The controller is warm my hands are sweaty. I turn off my xbox put on my shoes get my soccer ball and head outside. When im done I get a pack of gummies.