Grade 4

Nova Scotia

What Home Means to Me

In my home I had a lot of good and bad memories. In my home memories lie down in my mind.
My dog licks me. I feel safe and my parents make me feel safe too. The warmth all over me
makes me feel happy. My home is warm with four walls. It’s made out of concrete and iron
but if my home was made out of cardboard I wouldn’t care, at least I have a home. My home is small I don’t want it bigger. I can see my school in my backyard. I like seeing it. I can see soccer games. My home is nice and my grass is green. My dog likes my house. He loves to walk in my storage room. It’s loud in my home. I like it loud. In my room there’s a tree where I put pictures of my dog. My home ls white with a black roof. My home has a white door. My home feels like wood planks. I hear birds, cheap dogs barks and the TV going. I smell my dog coffee and cats. I taste toothpaste soda and candy. Be careful when you go in to my backyard my dog puts his tail on the ground. If you step on it he will take off running. My parents always help me when I get hurt. I love my home.