Grade 6

Portugal cove, St. Philips
Newfoundland and Labrador

What Home Means to Me

Home is not a place it’s somewhere you go to see a loving face.
It’s a place of your choice to build your life.To put love,people,animals and things that make you and your loved ones happy!

Home is somewhere you’re accepted.
place to build your happiest life.
a place where you know your safe at night!

Home is a place where you feel like a star because you are!
Whoever you are no matter the difference you deserve a home.
I feel bad for all the people who try to keep their family safe who don’t have a special place.

And if you are a loner sad on grown and alone in the street sometimes it takes a whole town to help out.
That’s why I am writing this poem/essay to let you know Help,love,friends,people and faith are real.