Grade 4

Newfoundland and Labrador

what home means to me

What home means to me

A home to me is a place where you are loved,cozy, safe and you get to be you.
In my house i am loved. Whenever something is wrong my whole family will help and support me. It’s always nice to have a family who has your back and is there to make you smile.
I always feel cozy in my home. It is the place i find peaceful and relaxing.whenever im in bed or on the sofa i never want to leave. I love to go home and and sometimes put my pjs on or a summer dress on.
I feel really safe when I’m home. When I’m hurt my parents always get me better. If i’m sick my parents take care of it right away.Im also never afraid to leave the house because of my parents I know they will always protect me. I love my parents.
I love being myself. Because when i’m in school we cant run, play when we want but when im home i can do whatever I want . I love my home.
I think everyone deserves a home so that way everyone is happy. I hope things change in the future