Mskwaa desiinh

Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

What my home means to me is…

playing with family in my yard
I’m coming in and I am so cold
My mom comes to warm me up.

I go to bed my mom tucks me in
And I sleep in a bed so snug in a blanket.

When I wake up I start to play
Then I am thinking of what to do next,
When I am alone I tend to eat some food

When I take a shower I get warm
When I am out I think of soft things
When there is a storm I look out the window
To see dark clouds floating above me outside

I go to see some water in time for the ice sicles
When it gets snowy I like to play in the snow
Home is love to me home is a time to play with family
To me the meaning of home is having a roof over my head
And being warm 🙂