Grade 6

Prince Edward Island

What Home Means to Me

What home means to me.

Home is where you take risks.
Home is a happy place.
Home is not a race.
It’s a bright place .
Home keeps me warm.
Home is a safe place.
Home is a big family.
Home is happiness.
It’s a place where you laugh and learn.
It’s a place to take memories.
It’s a big place where I grow.
Home is a privilege.
It’s a very welcoming place.
Home is a big shelter.
It’s a place that I feel free.
Home means sometimes tears.
And some fears that we face.
Home is loving and caring.
Home is spending time with siblings.
Home is art.
Home is a good place to be.
It’s having a nice dinner on holidays.
Home is being funny.
Home is having respect.
It’s being grateful for what we have.
Home is walking in and feeling safe and happy.