Grade 4

Newfoundland and Labrador

What home means to me

home for me means love, comfort, and food. LOVE: love for me is friends and family. I have friends such as my best friend Jake that lives at dina place. But my family is the most important I have a basic life a dog, a cat, a skinny pig, a sister, and a mom and dad too!
COMFORT:comfort for me is my home because it is nice and cozy. I’m very thankful because probably ⅕ people don’t have a home. I’m also thankful because if my mom and dad can’t afford a home we will be in awful weather for examples rain snow hail etc. Also my home is snuggly and warm to keep me dry and not wet and cold.
FOOD:food is important for me because it keeps me alive. My favorite foods are pasta bread with peanut butter and homemade fries. Also water is very important it keeps me hydrated.
And that’s what home means to me!