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Middle Arm
Newfoundland and Labrador

What Home Means to Me

To me home means to have fun with your friends and family. My home is my safe space. My home is a place where I can sleep and have fun without having to worry about getting hurt. A home is a place where you can hang with family and have some family fun. Walls won’t crash down like the cracked bones in your body when they break. The fun and joy in the home is like the living and loving heart inside you. Home can get emotional when someone who you are attached to dies and or when someone you loved moves away, But even if that happens you will always have them somewhere in the core of your heart. Also, the home you have will still have that feeling of happiness and joy even if the home gets emotional. When I’m at home, I feel the warmth of the dark black furnace filled with the wood my pop and I cut down. To me home also means to take the time and get together with your family and friends or even to play a few games with your family.I like to try and make my family and friends have fun and laugh,you should try to do that too if or when you have the time.I find my home a safe space to wake up and have fun,to take the time and try to laugh for a bit.To me the real meaning to a home is to wake up,feel like no one will harm me,but also get together with friends and family to have some fun.Or even eat food with your friends and family.