Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

I wake up to see a bright light shining in my face and I think to myself, “I never want to leave my home.” Home means a lot to me because it’s a place to feel safe. It’s where a dream can come true in the blink of an eye. It’s home to you and I. It’s where people can hold hands and sing a song. At home, nothing goes wrong. So join hands and sing along to the beautiful beat. In a home where you can meet the unique. Home is like an antique. Special and well designed so don’t mind if I join along with the song.
Home is a shelter. The shelter is warm and cozy. Let’s toast and boast from the glory of our story. Each story has the glory of a home. Hansel and Gretel have a home. Rapunzel has a castle. Beauty has a nice cozy cottage while the Beast has a mansion. And did I mention the attention of the seven dwarves that have a tiny house yet they still love their home! I plead you need to help the people without a home. It’s more than one person, even a hundred a thousand. Even More than a million and a billion! Many people need our help. They have no food even dried kelp!