Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

Home is a warm place to sleep and sit on a rocking chair. My home has a T.V, couch, kitchen, living room, bedroom, also a Bathroom. It’s cozy in my home.We have heaters and fans also the thermostat is what makes my home warm in the cold weather. My home is what makes me happy and helps me feel better. My bedroom is the thing I love to stay in there cause there’s no noise mostly the only noise I hear is my brothers and my sister. My living room has a dresser, couch, table and a big thing of my brothers’ toys also it used to have another couch and a T.V. and a computer. Now the T.V. is in my brothers’ room and the computer broke. I have a simple bathroom just a sink, toilet and a bath/shower. I forgot to say I also have a dining room, but my aunt and my dad mostly use it for playing cards. My kitchen only has a microwave, 2 fridges one broke and an oven. That’s all there is about what home is and what my home has.