Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

What Home Means to Me
Home is where you can go to relax from a stressful day. Home is where you can make memories with your family and be near loved ones. Home is where you can feel safe and feel loved and feel cared about by a nice loving family! Home is a wonderful place!
The Pantry Incident
One morning while me and my sisters were getting ready for school, we accidentally locked my cat Diego in the pantry!!! One thing you should know about my cat. He loves to EAT!!!!! So, when my sisters and I got home from school. We came home to a BIG MESS!!!!! All our food was eaten, all the bags and boxes were destroyed, my cat was covered in food from head to toe, and my pantry floor, walls, and shelves were a disaster!!! Everything all worked out and I think my family will always remember this hilarious moment we had together!!!!!
The Family Christmas Tradition
Every year our family comes over to our house for Christmas Dinner. During dinner the kids usually talk about what we got for Christmas and how we spent our Christmas Morning, while the adults talk about lame stuff. After dinner everyone has some free time to talk and for the kids to play until dessert time. Yum! After dessert everyone makes a toast and talks about how great this Christmas has been with a loving, and caring family! After, the kids play more and the adults talk more until it’s time for everyone to go. Everyone says goodbye to everyone and hugs each other and kisses each other and everyone talks a bit more. I will always love this great tradition with my happy, loving family!!!!!
The Barbeque Disaster
One summer evening my Dad was barbequing on the Traeger. So, my Dad went inside of the house to go to the bathroom. Well that was a big mistake of my Dad to leave the barbeque unattended cause in the next minute the barbeque burst into FLAMES!!!!! My sisters, my Mom and I all rushed over to my Dad. We all panicked so we called the Fire Department and they arrived right away and put out the fire. Everything worked out at the end and now to look back at this memory it was quite hilarious I will always remember this hilarious moment!

Even though sometimes you will have some trouble with your family, you should always remember that your family will always love you and care about you forever!!! That is what Home means to ME!!!!!