Grade 6

British Columbia

What Home Means To Me

Home is a place where I can feel safe, secure, comfortable and joyful when I’m around family. Like when I come home on a sunny day and sit down on the couch or relax after raking leaves or playing outside with all my friends. I feel really thankful for a bed to sleep in, nice clothes, and for a roof over my head, and to have delicious meals that my parents cook. Home is a place where I can have fun with my family and friends. It’s where I can be respected and loved.

Home is not just a home to me, it can be lots of different places at once, like in my own world it turns into a soccer field or a basketball court, a movie theater or a nice restaurant. It makes me feel awesome to play great sports, watch tremendous movies or eat exquisite meals at home. Home is my favorite place in whole wide world. Home is so special to me I wish I could stay at my home forever, I wish every kid could have a home like mine. Not every kid has a good home so I’m grateful that I have a wonderful home.