Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

I love my home and I would Hate it if we moved because it feels so good to live here. My house has two floors and a basement. Our house is made out of strong red brick. We live in the suburbs and there is a forest behind our house. I live in my home with my older brother Lucas and my younger sister Laura and my mom Susan (sue). My brother Lucas and I have built forts in the forest using wood and scrap pieces of metal and whatever else we can find. Nowadays we can`t make forts because most of the time it is either flooded of there are obstructions in the way, keeping us from accessing the fort. One of my favourite places is my room. I do almost everything in there like reading, breathing and I play a lot in there. I am very creative. I own these things called Snap Circuits. I have a lot of them. I am constantly designing new projects. I also combine Snap Circuits and Lego. I have a Snap Circuits car that I build into a ski boot box using scissors and a lot of tape so that I can carry stuff on the top and it is safe. My floor is covered in Snap Circuits, clothes and batteries. My room feels great. At bedtime, I wrap myself in this brown cozy blanket that is super warm. I feel cozy, thankful, safe and awesome.
When I wake up, I walk quietly downstairs and most of the time, I turn up the heat. I get a bowl then I pour milk into the bowl and pour cereal into the bowl then I walk over to the kitchen heater. I sit down and get comfortable and eat cereal. Because its my home.

In winter at my house I like to build snow forts and sometimes we even make igloos! When it snows outside it`s beautiful and from time to time there`s almost a foot of snow. Inside my snow fort / igloo there is even an ice floor and ice walls and it’s also really warm inside. We made all the ice by spraying a special concoction of things I made last year on the fort.
In the summer I like to eat popsicles, grow sunflowers and do lots of gardening with my family. Sometimes I catch grasshoppers and also frogs. If I feel hot I like to get on our swing set and turn on the sprinkler and swing. then when winter comes, I harvest the sunflower seeds for the next year to come.