Grade 4

Newfoundland and Labrador

What Home Means To Me

Home is…
A place where you always feel loved, safe, special, and comforted.

In my home I always feel loved! Nothing beats the feeling when you come home from a long busy day and my mom gives a me a hug and I run up stairs to lay down with my dog by my side licking me and I give him a hug.

At home I always feel safe and sound! My parents always protect me, and my dog! During a storm I never feel worried because I know I have a home around me to keep me safe from bad guys too.

I always feel special at home I always feel like “I SHINE”…My parents always make me feel this way because they are always cheering me on and I have so many toys that I appreciate so much.

Comfort means a lot to me at home! I always feel when I go to school, out for food, or just going to the store I have to dress in “FANCY CLOTHES” but at home I can wear my PJS all day! I can fall asleep on the couch, fool around, and do a BUNCH of other things i could never do anywhere but home!

I really hope that more and more people get homes so they can experience the same things I do!