Grade 6

Nova Scotia

What Home Means To Me

A house is something that you can see. 4 walls, a roof, window’s, and a door. But a home is something that you can’t see, but feel. A home is made out of love, and all the hearts that live in it.

Usually when a person says home, they are talking about their house, but not all the time, maybe they feel more home at school. Some people have a house, but don’t feel the home in it, and some have a place they call home, but not an actual house. And some have none!

Those people live on the cold, hot, rainy, or snowy streets with no home, which means they have never felt the love a home could give them. They never feel warmth as they step into their home, or the smell of a bowl of nice hot soup, or the smell of oven-baked cookies. They never feel the comfort a home could give them, or the laughter and joy that happens in it.

Everyone deserves these wonderful things, because what would life be without it?