Grade 5

Red Deer

What Home Means To Me

Home, home means a lot of things to different people, but this is what I think home really means. Also, when you’re reading this, think about what home means to you.

Home is a different place to everyone. Where different people feel different things. But to me home is a place where I feel loved and cared for. Yes, sometimes you get frustrated or mad at home. Maybe you got mad at one of your siblings, but everyone still loves each other.

Home is not just a place you live in, it’s a place where you have family around and have fun.

Home is a place where you’re loved by your family. Your family helps you out in rough times and so do you!
Home is where you care for each other, for your family, friends. Whoever is with you! You help each other out and always care. Home is where you make memories, without memories home is boring. It’s fun to make memories with your family and remember them!

Did you think about what home means to you? Great! Home is a very special place, not everyone has a home. So try to donate to charities and other donation places. Maybe, just maybe, someone will get a new home from your help. One small act of kindness can change someone’s life. -Bob Marely

Home is not just bricks and walls, that’s a house. But home, home is where you and your family have each others backs and always help each other out.

Does home mean a lot to you? Think about it, home is a very special place for me and you!