Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

Having a roof over my head,
my mom makes sure that we’re all fed.
My mom and dad, sister too, likes to say…I love you!
Coming home from school every day, to find my brother that loves to play.
Plopping on my comfy bed, reading books I’ve never read.
Wearing warm and fluffy clothes,
snowflakes fall on my red nose.
Having nice and kind friends, no, it’s not the end!
Giving prayers every night, I dream until it’s morning bright.
Being thankful for most things I see, aren’t you glad we all have trees?
This is short it really is, but new lives will now begin
This might be the end it just might be… now everyone gets a home like me!
The grass is green and skies are blue…all I have to say… is thank you 😊