Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

What Home Means to Me

For home, home is a dwelling where family is nearby. That place you might ask ? Well for that astonishing place is Winnipeg, Manitoba , my outstanding home where I can count on people.

Others may say “home is the earth” or “home is where the heart is”. But for me this incredible dwelling is Winnipeg, Manitoba ( the best place ever created ). Home is a dwelling where you feel wanted, loved, and you feel like you are not the odd one out. Home for me is a comfort zone where I feel like I can just relax and feel unstressed. It also feels like a safe haven where I feel protected. Many will think home is your house…. Well maybe for you but not for me. I have one more reason what home means to me, it is you are cared for and loved. That my friends is what home means to me.