Grade 6

British Columbia

What Home Means To Me

Home is an elegant place where you feel safe, warm, loved and joyful. Not all homes are pleasant, heated and secure. I’m a person with a fantastic family and home, of course there are small problems.

Let me talk about others, like the people in need, on the streets, how do you think they would feel? They would feel relief to finally have a roof over their head. Their nightmares would be over. I’ve heard heart breaking and alarming stories about families losing their homes. After more than a year they finally get a home. What they have to go through can be terrifying. Parents can be very stressed with bad work, about the safety of their kids, and about finances. I just can’t understand how somebody can survive without a house.

Home can be a beautiful place for all people, giant or minuscule, human or animal. Everyone can have peace, love, hope, and family at home. No one should be afraid or blue at home, we can all have amusement. We all are one at home.