Grade 6


What Home Means To Me

What Home Means To Me

A home is something everyone should have, but when I think of my home a couple words come to mind. These words include, safety, cozy, calm, comfy and happy. I believe everyone should have a home that makes them feel this way.

My home feels safe because I have my parents to protect me and a roof and walls to protect me from weather. Also, my home is cozy. It is cozy because I have a comfy, familiar bed to sleep in, blankets, and sweaters to keep me warm. Calm, my home is also calm. School can be noisy and when I get home nobody is yelling or running around or doing anything annoying. Another thing, my home is comfy, we have couches, chairs, beds and blankets to use. Also my home is happy, as I mentioned before my home feels safe and when I feel safe I feel happy.

It makes me sad to think that not everyone gets to feel this way and that we are very lucky to have homes. Everyone deserves to feel safe, cozy, calm, comfy and happy.