Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

What home means to me

Home is where I belong.
Home is my shelter.
My home will protect me from all the evil storms coming my way.
Home is where I feel safe.
Home is where I can be myself and no one will judge me.
Home is where laughter of joy comes in.
Home is where you get together as a family on Christmas and Thanksgiving.
My home has many cultural traditions that make me special for who I am.
Home is peaceful and quiet.
Home is where I can have some time alone when I’m upset and no one will bother me.
Home is where I go when I’m mad so I can cool down.
Home is where you can do homework and just chill out afterschool.
At home there are always medals on the walls!

Home is where I keep my treasured belongings.
A home holds special memories and events.
A home has a routine and daily activities.
Home is where you are loved and cared for.
Home is where you have sleepovers with friends.
My home is normal and unique and I don’t want it to change!
We are so lucky to be Canadians and that we have a habitat for humanity program! Now people who can’t afford a home can have one!!!!
But we can do more than that!
Think to yourself,when you go to the store and buy something that you don’t really need/you can live without it.
Who does it benefit?
It benefits no one,it only entertains you!
Instead what if you donated some money to the people on the streets that can’t afford food to eat or a home to live in or donate some money to a homeless center.
That’s better than a toy or something you buy and afterwards it ends up in your toy cupboard.
Don’t you think?
Don’t you feel proud and have that happy feeling when you bring up someone’s smile?!😇
Don’t you think we can be better humans?😤!!!!!!
No matter if you are rich or poor a home is always welcome to you all! We all deserve a place that we call“HOME’’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!