Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

Home is a place where you live, have a roof over your head, have shelter, have a warm place to sleep, a place to live and a warm place in the winter to sleep and stay.

Some people have homes, but they might be falling apart. Some of them might be living on the streets. Some people might not have money to be able to pay their bills, food or water.

Home is a place that you spend time with family. Family is love and so much more in a home is where you can spread the love with family, friends, pets and more. Home is safe! But to the people that do not have homes they feel not safe because there just living on the streets. Where people who aren’t safe might be there that’s why they do not feel safe. So those people need homes to feel safe and loved. Home is where you can spread your emotions when you feel sad, scared, happy excited, safe, lonely, mad, angry, disgust and feeling sick and all other emotions! People need homes so donate some money so people can have a safe place to eat, sleep and live.