Grade 4

Powell River
British Columbia

What home means to me

The meaning of home to me is a place to share memorable moments with family and
friends, to have a warm place to sleep at night and somewhere to eat. A home to me is where
you can play outside and climb trees in the day and read a nice book or watch a movie at night.
Whenever you have a bad day you can always take a bubble bath or a hot shower.
Laying on the couch and playing with toys are my favourite things to do at my home. Home’s
are a place to do arts and crafts and have a safe place to do all these things. They store your
food and clothing to.
You don’t need a big house to have a happy heart you just need to be grateful you have
a roof over your head because some people don’t and that breaks my heart. Home’s are the
best when it comes to cooking you can make cakes and cookies and even spaghetti. Homes are
great for walking around your small or big yard.
A home means a place to laugh at silly jokes and to play board games. A home means
a lot of things to me and my family that’s most likely why I am so happy. I love my home
because I share it with my family. I love my home and so should you. There is so many things I
can barely count so love your home and it will love you to.