Grade 6

British Columbia

What Home Means To Me

As most people say “Home is where the heart is.” A home is where you feel safe, loved and protected. Some people say home is just where you live but it’s much more. Home is where you feel free. Home is where you can just relax and lay around in your underwear all day. Home is filled with love and laughter. Home is where you make memories and other great things. Home is where I celebrate holidays such as birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter, Saint Patrick’s Day and Canada Day.

Home is where the story begins and ends. When a newborn baby first comes home it’s probably one of the greatest moments of a family’s life. Home is one of the most comforting places anyone could ever be. Home is one of the most heartwarming words ever made. Home is where love resides, memories are created, and laughter is never ending.

Home can be under a bridge, on the side of the road, in an apartment, home can be wherever you want, when you’re surrounded by love and family. A house is made of bricks and wood, and a home is made of love from the people that surround you. Home is filled with hopes and dreams. Most people say a home is the same as a house but it’s not. It takes hands to build a house, but it takes hearts to build a home. Home is everything I have ever wanted.

If I didn’t have a home it would be like not having a family. Home is where you go when you have good and bad days. Home is somewhere you can go, big or small, young or old. When the road is tough just remember that you can always go home.