Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

Home is…. Where you feel safe with the people there and in the room you are in. You are loved in the walls of the place by other people. You feel free to do whatever you want and not have people tell you what to do. Being able to read a good book. Being able to eat good food.
In your home you can make memories wherever you want. You have many in your home. Your memories are special and people that you share them with are even more special. You have memories to remind you of special and maybe not special moments. You have to cherish the moments that you spend.
People say home is where the heart is and it is true. In a home or in at least my home I feel loved and am able to tell my family my feelings’. I feel close to the people I live with in my home. I love to be able to have a home and be with the people I love. Home is where you have dreams and achieve your goal.