Grade 5


What Home Means to Me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

What Home Means to Me!
This is what home means to me. To me, home means Family, Food and Comfort. By family I mean my mother, step mother, father, step father, and sisters. My parents are my heroes. They help me with homework. They help me with homework, they give me food and help me with my everyday problems. My sister has taught me how to be good around other children. She taught me how to share with other kids too! While I was in kindergarten, I never fussed to give other kids toys to play with and they were always happy! To me, food means a hot, juicy, delicious meal. Personally my favorite food is pizza. Pizza is really full of flavour and really cheesy! My dad also really loves pizza. Without pizza we would go crazy! I know that sounds like a little much but it really would make us lose out minds! Lastly, to me comfort means a nice comfy couch, a nice comfortable bed, and fireplace. I am so thankful for my bedroom and appliances. One thing that makes me comfortable is my big blue blanket. I only got it last year and its SUPER soft! I think all children should have at least one thing that comforts them like a blanket. That is what I think home means to me.