Grade 6

Mount Pearl
Newfoundland and Labrador

What home means to be

What home means to me by: Michaela Noftall

Home is somewhere where I can come back to after
A long day and be welcomed by the warmth of
Love and hugs from family.

It’s a place where we can sit down and have a
Delicious family dinner, a place to talk about our day
And eat Sunday dinner.

It’s a place where I can relax, have me time.
It’s a safe place where I’m cozy and warm.
Somewhere I love to play and bicker with my brother
But at the end of the day having loving inspiring chats
With my mother.

I think it’s only fair for everyone to have a warm safe place to come
To at the end of the day, and it makes me sad to think
That not everyone has the thing that we call home the thing
That we are oh so thankful for everyday.

I can’t imagine not having a home, not having somewhere to relax and be with the people i love.
So i hope with this poem or someone else’s will help someone
have a warm cozy place to welcome family and friends,
Somewhere where they can have meals, memories and feel loved and be warm.
A place that they can be thankful for and call home.