Grade 5


What home means to be

Having a home means a lot to us, while we think of all those people who don’t, who roam around sadly, desperately needing a home. We, safe under a roof, all dry, away from the cold rain, enjoying a hot cup of hot cocoa thinking of all those people who beg and plead, only to earn so much to buy water. Thinking back to how our parents praise us with candy and chocolate, while all others crave it. All frozen, in the cold winters, with nothing to live with, wearing the same clothes everyday. Home means, under a dry roof with plenty of food to live on, spending quality time with family, praying to God for the home we live in forever and ever. Soft cries from all those whose stomachs rumble in need for for food, skipping meals to feed their children, filling up on water just isn’t working anymore. While They are crying because they don’t have shoes. We have too many things to complain about, and not enough room to show how happy we are with what we have. When others are overjoyed with finding a few fries on the street. We’re not thankful enough. And we, people on this planet, love our homes as much as they love us.