Grade 4


What Home Means To All

We all know the expression “Home Sweet Home” but what does it mean? A house is where you go to, but a home is the memories are made. When you go home it’s when you feel safe, where you can tell someone your deepest secret. Your house can be anywhere around the world but a home is where you feel valued, where you can laugh and play. Animals can have homes, it’s where they can start a family, just like us. Home is where you can feel that you belong, where you feel special and thankful for all your things. A house is made up of the same things but a home is where your family can find their different and special gifts. Home is where you can go to your room and write in your diary and snuggle with your stuffed animals. A house is a place but a home is where you learn life skills where you learn to cook and how to pay taxes and bills. A house can have anything you want but a home is your family from your mom and dad to your great ancestors. Home is where you feel safe, where you seek protection from a great storm and cuddle up with warm blankets. Home is where you shine and feel amazing and talented. At home you never lose hope, faith or happiness. They most memorable moments and memory happen there and new moments and memory . Home is made up of a community of people who love, care and support us. Overall home is a place for every human and every animal.