Grade 5

British Columbia

What Home Means (everything)

The meaning of “home” is different for everyone. But to me, it means comfort and
memories. “Home” and ‘house are very different. My old house was small, yet that’s what
made it feel like home. On the day that we moved, I literally wrote a letter to the house , saying “Dear housie, I will miss you very much”, and hid it in the bathtub drain. The meaning of house, to me, is a structure where one would eat, sleep, and eat again, but a home is where you make memories. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz got it right. There’s no place like home. I also think that a home would have a warm feeling, which would make you want to smile, whereas in a house you would throw your backpack on the floor and bolt downstairs to watch tv.I think that a log cabin would be an ideal place to call home. While others might want to live in a big city, I would prefer a small, quiet home in a thick wood, with a crackling fire to warm up by.My definition of home is comfort and memories because it’s almost impossible to find anything better than those two things. When I go home every night, I imagine us having a burning log fireplace, instead of an abandoned electric one.I also wish that I could curl up on our couch and read a good long book for hours, in a quiet home without my brother pretending that he’s a ninja and making ridiculously weird noises.Basically, the point that I’m trying to make is that a home is a place for family and relaxation. That is what home means to me. A place where you can be you.