Grade 6

Indian Head, SK

What Home Means

Home to many, is a place of safety and comfort. Home to me, is where I grew up. It’s where I have memories burnt into the walls. To others, my home isn’t special, and I can say the same about theirs because I don’t share anything inside that home. My home is special to me because it’s familiar, comforting, whilst your reason might be similar or totally different, we all have our own reasons to call our house our home. It might be something simple like the walls of the home that make it special, or a big thing like the layout. Home can be anywhere you live. Once you’re gone and someone new comes through that door, your reason only sticks to you. That new owner will find their own reason to call it “home”. Yet there’s one thing that all homes have in common: they’re yours, they’re in your memory, and they’re unforgettable once you’re attached to them.