Grade 6


What Home Means

Home can mean many different things. It is not a place where you eat and sleep. You create memories at home, it is a place where you always spark with happiness and joy and it continues to be a place where you feel safe every day. Friends and family make us feel at home.
First of all, home is where you make memories. Having love for the people around you is a thing to remember later in life. Having debates and conversations with friends, as well as hanging out with your family, things like that are memorable.
Secondly, home means happiness and joy. Happiness and joy are spread when you laugh and make jokes. Playing board games or card games, watching movies, and doing any other activities in your home, these are things you do with friends or family. Home is a place where you can always be cheered up if you need it.
Next, home is always safe, and it lets you consider yourself secure. When something bad happens outside of your house, friends, family, and the feeling of home will make you feel intact. You are sheltered at home when you are snug in bed or lazy on a couch. You deem warmth when it is cool, or cool when it is warm. Home is a place you can stay to pass the time, a place where you are listened to when you are talking.
Home, it means making memories, being happy and joyful and feeling safe. These are the things home makes us feel these things. Especially when we are around the people we love, we feel home. Others may feel at home when making art. Everyone, hopefully, feels the meaning of home, love, happiness, and safety. This is what home means. Are you grateful?