Grade 6


What Home Means

A home is full of many wonderful memories.

You would see a very neat mowed lawn. If you came inside you would see a lot of mounted animals on the wall and you would be greeted by a very friendly dog. It would be very clean because we clean it all the time.

You would hear the mass of 18 wheelers on the highway or loud cars and very noisy trucks. Maybe it would not just be noisy or loud cars, it could be just the wind. You might live near a big truck repair place, so you might hear them backing up. And if the wind is going north you might be able to hear the train, just maybe, like if you had good ears.

As for the smell, you’ll smell your supper you’ve been waiting for after a long, stressful day of boring school. You might smell a wet dog after it was raining hard, or if she was rolling in the snow. You smell the fresh air in the summer when the windows are open.

You lay on your bed when the day is over and you feel warm and comfy wrapped in your blanket with your head on your pillow. On a weekend you just sit on the couch watching TV.

You taste the bacon in the morning on the weekend. You taste your birthday cake with your whole family around you. Your cake is chocolate surrounded by white icing. You might taste a snack, like popcorn before bed, or when you are watching a movie.

A house can be just a roof with four walls holding it up, but a home is where you live and create memories with your family and your pets.