Grade 5

Nova Scotia

What Home Means

Home is beautiful and comforting. I’m very grateful for my home because some people don’t have a home. My home is comforting and warm because I have a bed and air conditioning because I get very hot sometimes. I love my home for a lot of things cause if you don’t have a home you can be cold and homeless. Also my house has a lot of fun stuff like lego, guinea pigs, electronics, and art. Stuff I do at home with my parents is cooking and folding clothes, and drawing. I feel very relaxed when I watch tv on my coach with my mom or dad. I have a lot of company when I’m at home because I have my guinea pigs and my mom and dad. Home means a lot to me, so if I don’t have a home I will be homeless and that makes me sad. I love home because I can invite my friends over and do sleepovers and party’s. If you don’t have a home you won’t have a shower and you will be stinky. When you have a home you can paint walls, decorate and do so much stuff when you’re at home. Home is so much fun and home makes so many people happy.
I’m so happy I have a home. 🙂