Grade 6

St. Albert

What Home Means

Home is where my heart truly is,
It’s where all love really lives.
Home is where I feel right,
though I may not sleep there every night.
Home is where I enjoy myself regularly,
it is where I know well, particularly.

Home is where my heart really cares,
though it can be anywhere.
Home is where I am never truly alone,
it is one place to stay after I roam.

Home is where my heart will stay,
through each night I am away.
Home is where I feel warm,
a place I can stay through any storm.

Home and heart go like bread and butter,
the relationship is like no other.
Home is where I will feel safe,
the place I reside and know my space.
Home, to me, can be more than just a place to own,
it is a place, even without a throne.
Home can be cluttered or sparse and bare,
it’s just a space of which you are aware.

Home is there for every heart around,
but, it is a place some have not yet found.
Home, luckily, can be built and created,
for the ones who have looked and waited.
Home is more than just a shelter,
it’s a place that makes everyone feel much better.
Home is where you want to be,
a place of connection for everyone, not just you or me.