Grade 4


What Home Means

Hi there.

You probably are reading this at your home. You should be thankful that you have a house, because thousands and thousands of people suffer because they don’t have the money to get a home.

Today I am gonna show you the difference between people with homes and homeless people and how they suffer.

People with homes have a house and protects them from bad weather while homeless people have to be lucky to find someplace to protect them from the weather.

People with homes have the money to control the weather in their house, but the homeless people can’t control the weather ( that is sad ).

They have clean places to put their body on while the homeless people most of the time they don’t find a place clean to sleep in.

People without a home suffer from not eating for a while, but other people eat whenever they want because they have money.

Basically, the moral of this paragraph is to see how lucky you are.

If you want to help, all you need to do is give what you don’t need to a care community that you trust and from there they get the stuff and they’re gonna be happy. It also can help you to be organized with the stuff that you need.

Also make sure you give as much as you can.