Grade 4

Newfoundland and Labrador

What Home Means

Home means memories like my dogs, Lacey, who’s a white mini schnauzer maltice and Molly, who’s a black elegant white mini schnauzer poodle. They make me laugh when they start play fighting like baby wolves, when they are hunting down their tails around in circles. My family tree starts with my Dad, the one who helps me when I need help and makes me giggle whenever I watch his full moon on my sisters phone. My Mom would come next, she is the one who is there when I’m going through a hard situation. We’re always watching shows, like Veronica Mars together. My older sister and I don’t have the best relationship. It’s really sad. The house I’m currently living in doesn feel like home yet. The month that we moved was the tense part in my life ‘cause all my memories are there. To me when we moved it felt like my parents were forcing me to move away from all my memories, friends and most of all my home. To be honest I don’t know what my home looks like right now but when I lived there the fire was always crackling during the winter. I’ve been in my new house for two years and it still doesn’t feel like home. When I lived in Lake Chaparral my room would always make me feel comforted. My home was tiny but that didn’t stop me from making memories. There I felt safe because my family was there, my dogs were there, everything was at my old house. My old house felt like a real home to me. The one thing I learned during my move was that as much as you try you can’t replace home especially for me.