Grade 6


What Home Means

Many people say that home is a place, but in my case home is something more. Yes, home can be a place to you. Therefore others may think, home doesn’t have to be a place, it could be something else everyone has their own debate. All homes are unique and different in their own way. There’s one thing all homes have in common, it’s that feeling of belonging, it doesn’t even have to be anything similar to any of those opinions. Home has to be special to you, just the little things can make you happy, even just being able to relax somewhere you feel comfortable is home. In my case, home is where you hear two little siblings talking and talking and talking and you tell them to stop multiple times, but they still keep talking. Even though you’re annoyed you still smile and listen to their little conversations and when you’re away, you don’t hear that sound, you start to miss those two rascals.

Everyone deserves a Home, somewhere you belong you and the people you cherish, you don’t need a roof to call something home, it doesn’t have to have a door or walls, it could even be a corner or a group of friends, it all depends on who you are and where you know you belong.