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What Home Means

Hello, I’ll tell you about home and what is feels like.

Home is when you are safe with your family and you can play some games together like Minecraft home is when you can have fun when friends come over to your house friends like when my friend Sharvi comes over and have a playdate it is fun.

Home is the place to work on your homework and let family help you when you stressed out and having a bad day with life hoe is when you can have some alone time to calm down when you angry or sad and maybe you can play with your friends online. Home is the place to stay and learn about what your parents taught you I help my mom by sweeping the floors even when it’s messy. You can go shopping if you want. I just stay home and play with my friends on my Xbox sometimes I play Minecraft. After I make my dinner and eat it while watching on my tv I wait for my mom and dad or my sister to come home they went shopping somewhere. Home is where is stay when I’m safe I can look out for myself when I’m alone. Home is somewhere I can keep people from breaking in I let my mom in when I hear three doorbells, I let them in my parents told me to be safe. Home is my safe zone maybe yours too where no one can come and find you.

Home is the best place to be and live.