Grade 6

British Columbia

What Home Means


This is a place
that is Safe, Cozy, And Fun.
where you live
and work is done.

Houses everywhere with windows,
walls, and multiple doors.
Many different houses,
but this one is yours.

Where you laugh, play,
and discover new memories.
This is a place where you
can sit cleverly.

Imagine people without any home.
Nowhere to sleep, nowhere to roam.

When you arrive home
and get the feeling that it
was there the whole time
or a hard day at work,
working overtime.

I love my house and you should too,
every morning you look out at the view.

Home to me means a lot,
where families grow and where you are taught.

Where you grow from young to old,
where you are always bold.

You are always safe don’t be scared,
your house is your home and never compared.