Grade 5


What Home Means

From want to… to having it …
Is more important than you know. Every little while I look at my house and my family and I wonder what it would be like not to have all that I need, matter of fact there is a girl who couldn’t afford snow pants last year, and then this year one of my friends family got kicked out of their house. When I heard that I felt as though I could cry. It was heartbreaking knowing that I have everything… and yet they have so little.After that I saw the world in a new perspective.Once I knew that, I started looking for so many more people to help.A little while after that I found a guy who had frostbite so me my friend and my mom went and bought new gloves and a warm meal, seeing him like that …
Well it … broke me. Over the years my mom has lost her job many times and I thought that was hard but I can’t imagine having to choose rent or food.Home is the base of my life, A place to sleep and a shelter to keep me warm at night. Make sure to dream big and stay happy!