Grade 5


what home means!!

A home is a comfort place to be, here for when you are done from work.Your home is filled with joy when you are down.Its a place you can count on to stay warm and safe.You can go home when something is wrong.When you had a long day you go home and can invite people over for a day.When you are sick you can just go and lay down in your house.It’s a place to go and hang out with your family and spend the day with them.It is a place that you can start your life is a place you can go to be happy in your life.When you have a celebration you do it at your house.You can go there if you need help.Home is giving things you do not even use any more and you give it to the donation or the people who need it.A home gives you strength when you need it.A home gives you courage when you need it the most.You can tell the funniest jokes there.At home you pass on the love and peace that you have inside you.At home you know you can be yourself.At home is a place where you can play games with your siblings and laugh all day.When you get home from school you go to a spot in your house to study it is like your house is a study hall.When you get home or when you are bored you call your friends over to come and play until they have to go home.Everywhere is home if you make it feel like it is and make it look like it is.A home is a place you can tell all your secrets and let them out so you are not feel like you need to tell someone.Be kind and loving.make some friends and live the life.that’s what home is to me.Stay healthy.