Grade 6


What Home Means

What Home Means
What makes a home?
It’s not just made of bricks and beams, it’s made of hopes and dreams.
Home is where your safe in bed resting in your mother’s arms.
A family where everything counts.
It’s where you laugh and play making it fun in every way.
Baking time, pillow fights, outdoor games and skating on ice.
Where new siblings come and go.
Home is a wonderful place to be.
THAT’S what home is all about

What makes my home?
My home is where I’m resting by my father’s side.
It is when I’m loved and cared for.
Sitting by the fire so warm.
It’s where your siblings come to your side when your hurt.

So, what does home mean?
The place called home is a wonderful place.
It keeps you warm during snowy nights and keeps you safe threw thunderstorms.
You sit down cozily with your family and drink hot chocolate while watching a movie.

I love my home right where it is.
I could never explain all what home means to me.
It is a place where you play so late you fall asleep and daddy carries you to your bed so warm.