Grade 4

Middle Sackville
Nova Scotia

What home means

Home sweet home
Home sweet home where I like to roam
something out of a dream and a wonder full place to be.
Home is the only place where you feel safe with your loved ones.
Where you wear warm cloth and sleep on a nice, clean and ready bed to sleep on.
A magical place where you live with your loved ones
A place near a good job, better learning and play with neighbors, friends and family
A home is a place where you eat, drink, play games and use your technology
Home is a place where you feel free to be yourself and no one can bother you.
Home sweet home

The world needs a makeover
When I come back from outside I imagine the smile on my mom’s face when she’s greeting me at the door. At the same time i’m thinking about the homeless people who don’t have a good and warm houses to walk in after a long day, and I feel bad for them because they don’t have a clean and warm house to walk into after a long day. When I go to eat I pray for them to have a warm house like my house, also warm and good food to eat. I always try to think of ways to end homeless life. I hope to grow up into someone who always has new solutions to get people out of being homeless. Homeless is like living in a black empty hole with an entrance but no exit, the only way of getting out is reaching out and begging for help. Most times no one is their to reach in and grab you out. This world needs to change.