Grade 6

Badgers Quay
Newfoundland and Labrador

what home meand to me

What Home Means To Me
To me home is a special place, it means family and friends
This is where we make memories for a lifetime.
To me it is where everyone gets involved.
A place where all our dreams come true.
A place where there is lots of entertainment.
A place where the outside calls me.
A place where I am loved the most.
A place where we celebrate each other!
This is a place where I am encouraged.
Home is a place where I feel free.
A place where I feel secure
from the horrible winds and snowstorms.
A place where we thank God.
A place where we encourage family if they are discouraged.
Home is the most special to me.
This is a place where we do arts and crafts.
This is what home means to me