Grade 5


What Home Mean To Me

What home means to me ,for me home is a nice and safe place to be I have two homes I have my moms then my dads.My home is a safe space to be. I feel protected,happy,cozy and my family is really support at home(I wish that everyone could have a home like mine).Somethings that makes me really happy is coming home after a long day at school also when I come home my family makes me smile and my sister make me laugh and smile when I come home.

At my home at my moms I feel loved,relaxed,cozy,sported
,cared for.When I am at my moms there is no better place to be but sometimes at my dads.I love seeing my step sisters,half sister and my real sister smile.

At my home at my dads I feel loved,relaxed,cozy
,cared,happy for.When I am at my dads there is no better place to be but sometimes at my moms.I love seeing my pets,playing with them taking them for walks and caring for them.

The different between a house and a home ,is that a house is like a building that you don´t know at all or not very well,in a house you don´t feel that safe,in a house it might feel lonely,it might feel like you are just standing in a building. The different between a home and a house is that ,in a home you feel safe,happy your home might be comforting,you should always be able to know what your home looks like.

My home for me I don´t know what I would do with out it .I would not know what I would do with out my home or my family.So I am one lucky person to be able to have all the things I have now.